Free Vintage Outdoor Illustration for Collage Art, Graphic Design, Papercrafts or Scrapbooking: The Water-Lilies

If you wish to prove your ability to love, you must go on living
and show that you can sacrifice every day, in the small things as well as the big.
Melanie Cellier, A Tale of Beauty and Beast

Vintage outdoor illustration of a father gathering water-lilies for his daughter. You can download theis vintage illustration as a free 10" x 8" @ 300 ppi JPEG without a watermark for collage art, graphic design, papercrafts or scrapbooking projects here.

Creative Commons Licence
From my personal collection of ephemera. These images are to be incorporated into your creative endeavors and not for resale or re-distribution "as-is". Please credit as your source when sharing or publishing.