Art for Inspiration: Unconscious of Danger by Seymour Joseph Guy

Unconscious of Danger, 1865
by Seymour Joseph Guy (1824 - 1910)

You can't prepare for everything life's going to throw at you. And you can't avoid danger. It's there. The world is a dangerous place, and if you sit around wringing your hands about it, you'll miss out on all the adventure.
Jeannette Walls, Half Broke Horses

There are two types of visions. Those that will happen no matter what, and those that can be stopped. Now more than ever, I wish I could tell them apart.
Emlyn Chand, Farsighted

Things never go wrong at the moment you expect them to. When you're completely relaxed, oblivious to any potential dangers, that's when bad things happen.
C.K. Kelly Martin, I Know It's Over

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