Vintage Nature Poem for Crafts, Art Making, Scrapbooking or Card Making: Winter by Louise Bryant

A little-known, early 20th century poem written by journalist, activist and feminist Louise Bryant, entitled simply "Winter." Here is how it goes:

As inevitably
As the leaves fall,
So must the old
To bleak oblivion

Shed no tear
For the dying year
Or that sublime decay
Which marks
The ignominious end
Of kings
And worn-out things.

Make way for spring!

While these look to be simple verses about nature on the surface, the words are also reflective of Bryant's socialist beliefs and Bolshevik sympathies. It is a beautifully illustrated poem, however, and would look lovely on a card. You are welcome to download the free high-res 6" x 9" @ 300 ppi JPEG without a watermark for your next craft, mixed media, scrapbooking or graphic design project here.

Portrait of Louise Bryant in 1913 by John Henry Trullinger (1870 - 1960)

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