Art for Inspiration: A Student of Nature by Linnie Watt

The beauty of the natural world lies in the details.
Natalie Angier

The above painting is titled "A Student of Nature” and it was painted in 1877 by Linnie Watt, a British artist who was active from 1874 to 1908. A contemporary art critic of her time, Cosmo Monkhouse, wrote this of Miss Watt's style: "Much that is characteristic of the tender beauty of woodland and meadow she has learnt how to suggest with a simple expressive touch specially suited to her materials and the decorative character of her work. I would have named her amongst the artists of landscape but for her figures, and amongst the figure-painters but for her landscapes. But it is impossible to divorce one from the other, for the figures are not "introduced," but seem to form an organic part of her conceptions." - from The Magazine of Art, Vo. 7, p. 249.

I simply love the luxuriant abandon of wildflowers. Isn't it wonderful when you stumble upon a patch when you are walking along? Here is a spot with a jumbled array of goldenrod and purple loostrife that I came across a couple of summers ago at Rotary Park in Ajax, Ontario.

Do you have a favourite spot to go where wildflowers grow? If you have any pictures, feel free to share in the comments below.

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