In my Garden: Fruity Flowers in the Backyard

We live in an apartment that has no outdoor space so we "borrow" a little corner of my in-laws' backyard for some container gardening. I try to grow a few vegetables and fruit every year, and it gives my daughter a chance to participate in the planting and harvesting process, which she loves.

Our blueberry bush never produced any fruit last year so I am really excited to see these buds so early this Spring. We're really looking forward to our first blueberry crop!

The first blooms on our organic strawberry plants this Spring. We had a bumper crop last year, with fruit until late in September! Hoping for a repeat performance this year.

I also managed to get three raspberry canes from Home Depot late last fall. They were on sale and super cheap but not sure if they will produce anything this year. They've sprouted a ton of new leaves and seem to be thriving so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

(Originally published April 2012.)

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